Want to Show Off?

By KENT SHARKEY on 7/22/2008 2:09:30 PM

New Media Manitoba is organizing a DemoCamp. It will be held on July 29th at the King's Head Pub in Winnipeg. For more details, see the planning site, or register.

What's a DemoCamp?

A DemoCamp is an "un-conference" where people get together to share information, show what you're working on, and make contacts.

From their site:

If you are interested in doing a 10 or 15 minute launch of a recent product or youd like to display/demo an early prototype of what you are building, we welcome you to sign up at upcoming.org and leave a comment about what it is you plan to show. You do not need to demo a product to attend! We will only have time for 4-presentations so presenters will be selected on a first-register first-demo basis, however, we will take careful note of who is interested in doing a demo, and those people will go to the top of the list for next time.

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