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"Working at Apptius has had a positive impact on my career. The work that I’ve done here has deepened my existing knowledge and the new skills that I’ve learned have broadened my list of talents. The people are great, the benefits are amazing and the flexibility is really handy."
- Kris, Senior Web and Graphic Designer

"I appreciate Apptius's commitment to training and education at both the community and individual levels. At the community level, Apptius provides sponsorship to the Winnipeg .Net User Group for monthly meetings as well as for the free Code Camp the Group organizes annually. At the individual level, Apptius provides training material to aid developers with writing certification exams and has taken its developers to conferences both in Winnipeg and in various U.S. cities. The opportunity to learn about new ideas relating to development techniques from a variety of sources is a huge benefit I enjoy as an Apptius employee."
- Al, Consultant

"As an employee, I believe Apptius as a company that acquired number of Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership is a great place for career development. In addition, its friendly environment and the people bring more companionship and support for career advancement. As a web designer, I learnt new notions in cross platform web development at the Apptius sponsored workshops; “Prairie Dev Con”. As a result, it improved my knowledge on HTML 5 and programming. Also, Apptius is a company that recognizes talents, and open doors for IT professionals like me in specialized areas."
- Sajith, Web Designer and Developer

"My career with Apptius began in September 2011. In the first few months, I quickly became aware of how great the company is and the people that work here are. As a central hub at the office, I see how everyone works together towards a common goal based on our client's requirements and requests. I feel I am able to exercise my skills and experience as an Office Administrator with ease. Working for Apptius has allowed me to embrace new knowledge and best practice methods when it comes to the needs of the company. I catch myself saying that you couldn't work with or for a better group of people."
- Leah, Office Administrator

"As an Apptius employee, I have the opportunity to work with various people on a broad spectrum of assignments. I also get to be on the cutting edge of technology and professionalism by obtaining additional and relevant certifications. I am on the cutting edge by learning and attending conferences such as the “Visual Studio Live” Conference in Orlando, Florida in December 2011."
- Evgeni Teplitsky, Consultant (MCPD)

"With the diverse assortment of clients that Apptius works with, consultants enjoy the opportunity to experience different work environments and technologies. This helps all of us develop our skills and experience levels, accelerating our careers much faster than would be possible working for a single employer. As an Apptius consultant, we enjoy the benefits of a full-time employer, but get to take on new challenges and roles as often as we like."
- Brian, Project Manager

"Working at Apptius has allowed me to embrace my career not only as a consultant in software quality assurance but also at a level of expanding my IT skills in a variety of ways I didn’t realize I was capable of. If you love to learn, enjoy challenges and keep up with the latest in technology and training, then this is the place to work! There is a vast amount of opportunity and expertise here to learn new skills and try something different that is equally rewarding. Having the ability to work with a great variety of clientele and talented people also makes for an exciting and challenging place to work. Not only are my professional development goals being met but one’s commitment to hard work does not go unnoticed. At Apptius, employers and employees have a great rapport and there is an upbeat atmosphere of camaraderie among all. I am proud to be part of such a great company!"
- Tannis, QA Consultant

"I began my career at Apptius Training Centre two months ago. Right off the bat I was welcomed by a group of warm and friendly professionals who made my transition to the organization seem effortless. The reason I considered working with Apptius was because the Consultants and Trainers have “real-world” knowledge and expertise in the latest products and technological developments in IT and as a result the training is awesome! There is tremendous opportunity for career growth at Apptius and hard work certainly does not go un-noticed. The company culture is open and welcoming. There is always an extra hand to help when anyone is crushed by a training or project deadline."
- Deb, Account Executive

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