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"Microsoft Outlook is the canvas, we provide the artists"

Many people use only a fraction of Microsoft Outlook's functionality, while power users enjoy using the occasional commercial add-in (or plugin) to help automate their daily tasks within the world's most popular email program. Some people even delve into writing VBA macros if they have a cursory understanding of Visual Basic.

The Hidden Power Of Microsoft Outlook

What you may not realize is how powerful Microsoft Outlook can be. There is technically no real limits to what you can integrate Microsoft Outlook with or what solutions you can build. All you require is an idea, some creativity and the resources and know-how to do it.

Not All Experts Are Microsoft Outlook Experts

But there's something you need to consider to ensure your project is a success. Many companies hire programmers who are quite capable with programming in the latest Microsoft technologies like C# or VB with the .NET Framework. However, they are generalists or specialists in other areas and no amount of confidence in their abilities ("Microsoft Outlook programming? Sure, I can do that!") prepares them for just how different this niche area can be compared to traditional Windows Forms or Web Application development - or even compared to building solutions for other Microsoft Office applications.

Our Unique Expertise

Microsoft Outlook programming has been described as "quirky". Office add-in development is painful at best for most developers. Yet we are uniquely positioned as leaders in this area because our team has exclusively focused their time on building Microsoft Outlook add-ins. We've learned the platform inside and out, felt the pain and made it our gain by going through the fire and coming out alive.

Your Idea [Here]

Don't think your solution can only be a few custom ribbon buttons. Microsoft Outlook can be extended with additional "windows" that can be docked just about anywhere in the main Microsoft Outlook window as well as opened items and in compose mode. Each window can have whatever you want in it: a web page, custom form, data grid, image and video galleries, lists of files, you name it! ANYTHING!

Contact and CRM Solutions
Managing your customer and client data is imperative for maintaining strong business relationships. We can improve the way you work with Outlook Contacts to maximize your productivity and connect to important data that Outlook may not know about. Tools like automatically showing a list of the customer's orders beside the email you received from them, displaying an inventory or project task list while composing an email or displaying a dashboard of sales pipeline information for key customers..
Show related orders and contact information when emailing customers
Task and Time Management
Bored with Outlook calendars? Or are you stuck with some custom scheduling system built for your office when it was running Windows 95? Organizing your business tasks, meetings and appointments are crucial. Let us find a brand new way to help you get things done.
Office 365 and SharePoint Integration
SharePoint this, SharePoint that. Everybody is jumping abort the SharePoint bandwagon - it's the operating system for modern businesses. We can tie into SharePoint Web Services and bring SharePoint data to Outlook, or bring Outlook data to your SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists. Workflows, records management, search, social feeds - all have a place in Outlook - and we know where to put it.

Anything Goes

Every business has some unique system that is so highly customized, integrated or useful that it is a challenge to use it with other systems or to have other software replace it. Why not find a way to tie it all together into your Outlook emails, contacts, tasks and appointments? That's what we know - together we can collaboratively design something special for your organization.

For more information on outlook custom programming services and how a professional solution provider like us can get your idea to reality, email us today!

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